Monday, May 18, 2009

The Worlds Problems, And The Answers Too

All the worlds problems are not physical creations. They are concepts that one has within. Beliefs, structures, forms.

Concepts are that which keeps one from perception. look at that word. Would you rather be in a
"con" cept or "pre" cept. and before the "pre" cept is the subtle energy before thought and before form. think about that.

At the core, every problem is a thought form or a thought. If we aren't creating thoughts and engaging thoughts then we're not creating problems. Thinking is overrated, and often keeps us from being present. Its possible to mentally live in a little rigid, comfortable box. It's safe, Its comfortable. It's secure. But is that life really ALIVE! are you living?

and at the same time its possible to be unattached to thought, and able to let go. Ie: free in the simplest sense. And to be free is the simplest feeling i can think of. I say feeling because it doesn't require thought.

It is key to be outside of your mind, or out of your mind. Whichever you want to call it. If your outside of your mind, you won't fool yourself anymore.

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