Monday, May 18, 2009

Shamanism and The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is an initiation into an shamanism just as then inka were in their time. It is from the same traditions and ceremonies that have been honored and practiced by Peruvian shaman and inka shaman thousands of years ago, and also today.

The medicine wheel is learning to understand the shadow side of the human psyche. Also how to not let the shadow side, control ones perception and life experience. If one is in the shadows perception physical thoughts can manifest into conditions of disease. If we learn to see it, and understand it, then also it can be cleared so that we do not carry that dense energy with us through our lives.

The shadow is what is unconscious within us, and the job of the medicine wheel is to bring the unconscious to consciousness and basically turn ones life from the inside, to the outside. That is to bring out whatever is inside the spirit, see what is there and to learn how to clear whatever is there that doesn't serve than can cause problems or manifest disease.

It is also taught to see and understand the subtle energies, and to be conscious of what is being weaved or created within whatever space or whatever container. we are taught to read, feel, and see the energy from the energetic itself. To speak from the energetic rather than from thought.

we are taught to journey, and to journey with other beings that can help us see through their awareness and their perception rather than just a typical human perception and perspective. we receive guidance through this, and them, and in this way.

We are also taught not to filter the guidance we receive or to act as a filter to the guidance. the guidance coming forth from us is to be clear and from the energetic, and not from thought, because thought is not guidance. nor is it necessary to physically think to receive guidance.

If you feel that you are being called to go to the medicine wheel it is important to keep that intent clear, and to keep all intentions clear. If the intention is clear then this can happen and manifest much easier. Also if there is one that feels a calling i would ask that you speak to me about this.
If there is resistance because of money or distance or any reason or excuse, then look at that. is that coming from ones guidance or from shadow.

If there is doubt and fears or excuses that arise, that is precisely the shadow side speaking rather than the clear guidance itself. Eventually we can shed that negative voice inside and learn not to live for the shadow side and to start living authentically. One can be vibrating highly enough that shadow, and those of shadow, can not energetically stick to you. The entire medicine wheel is held in ceremony throughout all of the directions and their midpoints. Each direction has a different energy, and if you've gone through the wheel than one can feel the energy of each direction that they're at even when one is not at the medicine wheel. It is something that works with you wherever one is. we are also asked to be of service to ourselves and those around us. and often times service to one another is service to oneself and the latter transposed.

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