Monday, May 18, 2009

the core of what adsense is, google adsense

I'd like to think that most everyone who has anything to do with web design has heard of adsense, but that isn't the case.

So, what is adsense?

A two way advertising program that is run by google. the first side is for advertisers to sell their ads to be displayed on google adsense. the second side is for publishers to display advertisements on their sites. so you can pay them to show your stuff, or just earn money for displaying their stuff.

Adsense has a good system going, the ads automatically read the content of your webpage to display ads that are relevant to what your talking about in your site. Thats a feature i love about adsense. You don't have to work at it.

Often times ads about one subject pay a lot more than ads about another subject. Say for instance you have a blog on music and about music. I've found that certain subjects don't pay much per click. Where as a blog about technology and computers would pay way more than a blog about music.

Each ad that someone clicks for you gives a different payout to you. Anywhere from 5 cents to over a dollar a click depending on what the content someone clicks on.

Another tip that a lot of people do not do with adsense is to change the color seeting on the application to blend in with the background of their page. If your wanting a lot of traffic to go to the funds you make from advertisements you'll need to camouflage it into the rest of your page.

Also another thing to look at is the placement of your ads, and if your ads are placed optimally and structurally and energetically aligned with the rest of your page. this is key, you can have thousands of wasted views if the ads are out of alignment.

As far as cheating the adsense system or hacking google adsense, i wouldn't recommend that unless you want to get banned from using it. And a word of advice, do not click on your own ads. They'll tell you that as well. clicking on your own ads will get you banned from adsense.

Finally adsense has been treating me well, it took me the longest time to generate traffic enough to get anything out of it, but i'm doing allright at 200-300 page views a day. Thats enough for me at this moment. I'm allways working so it's allways building up alongside with what i'm doing. It's great to get an adsense and see the steady flow of income. and for me it's great to see the progress i've made from when i started on adsense and what i'm earning now. I can only imagine how i'll be doing in a year from now. :) And i hope you all will be doing as good or better than me.

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