Monday, May 18, 2009

Understanding and trying to understand is not necessary

Often time understanding is not a necessary function and can cause more problems than solutions. I've noticed this in my life, there are plenty of things that I've had a desire to understand, but that attachment didn't end up getting me to the understand, because i was in my head, and thinking in my head. It's not necessary to think anything out to understand it because often that inhibits the natural magic of what is to explain it and let it unfold if you're not attached to it.

Also that is a filter to the guidance one would receive about the idea or situation. It isn't necessary to 'think' to receive guidance. It just comes if the channel is clear and the mind is clear. we have all been programmed out of using our own guidance to answer the questions of life, rather we are taught to 'think it out' and ask someone else, or just to keep chasing external factors.

when one holds onto something, an idea, a fantasy, an illusion that one can't quite figure out, it tends to be the thing that inhibits whatever that is. Because all of ones awareness is focused on 'solving a problem'. and when we're focused on solving a problem, vicariously one is 'causing a problem' and 'creating a problem' And if there is a problem in ones mind, then one will do all sorts of madness to try to solve that problem that was artificially created instead of just looking within their own guidance to get the answer. we are co-creating obstacles in our minds. If we just went to the root of the creation of the problem we could see this and clear it, easy as 1-2-3.

what one needs to do to understand, is simple. Don't attach to thought. Don't even engage your thoughts about thinking it out.

ask your guidance. ask to be shown, just ask. simply

and so one shall be shown if whatever way ones particular guidance comes

Don't let thoughts consume ones mind and ones life. It's not necessary. And carrying that baggage around with one will only cause more confusion. we need to clear our minds and bodies of this excessive mental baggage that we carry with ourselves in order to stay clean and clear so that we can be a clear channel to the guidance.
Carrying all that crap around with one will only cause one to attract more garbage and unclean things for their psyche. look at the source and treat it and keep it clean from there.

I think most people really need to look at what they carry with them.

is one carrying life with one, and the energy of life?

Or is one carrying death with one wherever one goes?

look at what one attracts. Is it of life and aliveness, or death and dead energy. If one is stuck in a death or death its not hard to get back to that life, and i think most of us know what it is life to really 'be alive'. and if we're not fully alive now there has been a time in out lives when we were. that is why i feel it is important to continually create life, so that one does not fall back into death, and phases of death. Creating life is essential if one wants to be alive, its as simple as that.

If one can let go of those things, ideas, fantasies, illusions, then this give them the space they need to grow, and often i find that if i don't try to 'work something out' then it just works itself out. that is, when your not attached to someone or something, then they can have the space they need to grow.

If one is out of touch with the voice of guidance, i would recommend that that one talk to me. There is always an answer. Always a solution. Most of us act as a filter to that guiddance so that when it comes, it is not clear. Often we doubt it. Often we ignore it. Nevertheless it is there once the space of the soul has been cleared to a certain extent. this is all i wish to say for now and thank you so much for reading my words.

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