Monday, May 18, 2009

absence of belief

I'm not going to construct you through an illusion. i won't cast a shadow over your soul. i can sit and wonder, about our ways. days would feign eternal. i don't think i'm meant to understand, yet. i see the beliefs that keep us binded and shelved as books ascribed writings of disillusionment. peace is here within the center of my soul when i don't look, just as chaos reigns in the outside chatter mind. mind as everyone, as everthing. but it's not my mind to own. i can't even own this space that is me, and i can't throw a rope round the sky and pull it down to the earth to carry it with me. theres no one here in this space, no one here but everyone and everything. theres a clear voice in my soul, guiding me along. coincidence is an eternal dance without words expression or interpretation. i won't question it. my life may not be unclouded, but my soul is free and i can see the clarity through it all.

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