Monday, May 18, 2009

Beliefs Are Symptoms

Have a bad case of "the beliefs"?

We hear it all the time. I have "a headache" or "the flu". And i've suggested the importance of not personally claiming illness as one's own. By making a physical malady "personal" one is actually feeding it instead of casting it out. One can invite all sorts of critters in to feed if they don't claim responsibility for a condition rather than chansing external solutions and merely treating symptoms.

So whats your symptoms? fatigue, stress, insomnia perhaps.. well the fact that they exist is from beliefs about physical conditions and constructs. They're not your conditions to own.

One does not have cancer inherently. One has "the cancer." It's not personal. It never was. It's in lots of places resting with lots of people. Some will give into maladies and feed them, and pet their wounds and pity themselves. Others will learn that whatever symptom is there is a creation of their own mind and not instantiating circumstances.

Learn to turn beliefs into life, not allowing conditions to create life

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