Monday, May 18, 2009

where do you go to help people?

I've had a desire to help people for a good part of my life. And i wonder is there anyone else out there who is unfufilled in the same way. Unfufilled in the sense that i know i've helped plenty of people, but have i really transformed someones life? Have i helped someone past the same old wisps that still come up in peoples lives? And some of the same wisps come up in my life, i'm not perfect.

I know lots of people who like helping people, some of the intent is pure but at the same time i think some only help people for what they get from doing so and whatever status and acclaim there is in doing so. If your going to do something to help someones life, do it with everything you have and are. That my take on it.

I feel like i'm helping myself when i'm helping someone else. I realize that most people experience a singular consciousness, and singular ego. Long ago people had no seperate singular consciousness or ego. thousands of years ago everyone experienced one consciousness, one mind. That is our natual state. There were no egos then. And i think the same is true now, apart from the delusion and delerium in the world that has created them into being.

Why are there ego's now? well humanity has been through so much trauma and disruption, that an ego in individuals was created. the ego is a creation of a fragmented psyche. As Tsarion described well it "the ego is the ghost that has arisen from the grave of the self." I think thats a good analogy.

I don't experience a singular self, i experience an infinite self. Sure i am here, but so is everything and everyone else. and i wonder why that is so hard for some people to accept to the expent that they think i'm crazy. well, i am crazy. that is true. Everyone was right. I think many people these days have an infinite consciousness and don't experience a singular ego. It doesn't take a long time to wake up, and anyone can do it . Alas, more and more people are waking up in that sense.

I'd do whatever it takes to help someone. I don't see a seperation between "me" and someone "else" Theres nothing personal here. It isn't about me.

I don't exactly know how to go about helping more people, but i have lots of ideas.

How do you help someone out of the same old stuff they've been stuck with most all of their life and even stuff that comes up from lives before this. Because it's the same stuff thats keeping that person from being a part of my life to begin with. I want nothing more than to touch someones soul and inspire them. To show someone exactly what i see. I want to help someone past the confusion in their life.

I've realized that you can't help everyone. As much as i'd like to.
Some mental illness is very treatable, and some isn't. I would say someone who is awake enough to recive guidance and then keeps doing the thing thats causing them harm, and knows the consequnces of doing so, i would call that mental illness. If anyone out there has a better definition of mental illness, i'd love to hear it. Because i think i'm only describing an aspect of it.

The title of this blog is where do you go to help people. Because i'd like to know what i could do to help someone or anyone. whatever good it does, i'm not sure. but i feel better now that i've said what i've felt for a long time.

How do you all go about helping people, or enriching someones life?

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