Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts Aren't Necessary To Living

Thoughts aren't necessary to living. And often the single thing that keeps people from their life is their thoughts. Look at thought? does it help you feel? does it help you perceive?

Sure there's logic to analyze and judgment, but what about feeling about intuition? Which one helps more? I'm not saying that using a mind is necesary. I'm just saying it's not necessary to engage a mind to use it. Thoughts don't need to be engaged. If one can feel and know, (everyone can) then thought becomes a secondary function. Guidance comes to us all the time. Some people feel it, some people hear it, some people see it. Some people sense it in all different ways, even smell and taste. We all perceive differently. If one can follow guidance, it isn't necessary to think. Thoughts get in the way of clarity.

When dealing with concepts, ideas, beliefs.. All of these don't pertain to clarity.

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