Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Kids The Emerging Cosmic Generation

by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.



  1. Who Are The Star Kids?

  2. - Physical Attributes of Star Kids

  3. What It’s Like Mentally and Emotionally To Be A Star Kid

  4. Psychic/Metaphysical/ESP Abilities of the Star Kids

  5. - Star Kid Spirituality

  6. How Did the Star Kids Get Here? - A Short and Revised History of the Human Race

  7. The Various Kinds of Star Visitors In Contact With Earth

  8. The Star Visitors Are Not the “Evil Mean Invaders” of Propaganda

  9. What Is It Like To Be A Star Kid?

  10. Are Star Kids Normal?

  11. Meet Some Actual Star Kids

  12. Parents Of Star Kids: “What Do We Do Now?”

  13. Chapter - Proper Education For Star Kids

  14. Issues For Siblings, Families and Friends of Star Kids

  15. The Geopolitical Context In Which Star Kids Must Function

  16. Some Precautions And Protections For Star Kids

  17. The Difference Between Star Kids And “Indigo” or “Crystal” Children

  18. The New “Fifth World” Society These Star Kids Are Helping Build

  19. Famous and Celebrity Adult Star Seeds: Role Models For Star Kids

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