Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow hundreds of twitter users with one click

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea? Or perhaps would it be the end of twitter?

To add hundreds of twitter users with one click..

What do you think? maybe there is some application that that lets you follow hundreds of users with one click, is there? If there was i know it would be all over twitter in an instant. So what gives. It seems like a simple enough application that some programmer could cook up.

I know there are websites that say they'll get you more followers if you give them your user name and password to twitter but i'm still a skeptic about that. Has any of those twitter programs worked to help get you users?

i find i'm getting about 30 follows a day for the moment, and i'm not really doing much of any work to do so. So if anyone out there is stuck on getting follows just use every aspect of twitter you were given. make a background, fill out a bio that describes exactly what you are and what your looking for. thats what i did. i went from getting an add a week or so, to about 30 a day, and i don't doubt that will increase over time.

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