Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brian Desborough - Indigo Children Inverview 2004-06-10

Today’s chat with Brian Desborough, author of “They Cast No Shadows” and “A Blueprint For A Better World” is amazing - www.briansbetterworld.com. We start out with his excellent gardening tips (which I’ve used) from his second book. Why is it necessary to grow your own food? What about barter? Saving seeds, the best ways to do so; We also talk about Indigo children, what they are, what causes their difference and how to protect them; Is the New Age selling out the Indigo Children to spy agencies?; Who is Hepsehboah? (on my show July 7); Who are the Crystal Children?; How to identify an Indigo child; Is there a psychic assassin group? What is the Turkey Farm?; Has WW3 been planned a long time ago? Can it be stopped? Can we have paradise on Earth? Sumerian tablets, what are they, what do they hold and why were they stolen in Iraq?; The Dogon Tribe and Sirius; 106 non humans on Earth, what for? Brian says petroleum is NOT from dinosaurs; what do comets have to do with it? What is Executive Order #12333 signed by Ronald Reagan? Reagan and Santa Monica? How to tune into the energy force in the Universe for balance and strength; All these armies and police to protect 13 family bloodlines and so much more. Keep an open mind, read the books, then take what you can. Red pill show for sure.

Brian Desborough - (2004-06-10).mp3

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