Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sylvia Browne Psychic Talks And Gifts On Coast To Coast , 5-1-2003

"I think all of us came with a cell phone from God," said psychic Sylvia Browne (, who chatted with George for the first time on Thursday night. Browne experienced her psychic gifts at an early age, when she first began hearing the voice of her spirit guide. A spirit guide is someone who was once incarnate, whereas an angel doesn't take human form, she explained. Angels might be seen as round orb forms and "they have light emitting from them," she added.

"I did not find one single solitary soul that didn't make it," Browne said of her visitation to the Ground Zero site. She had thought that some souls might be trapped there after the 9-11 attacks but then concluded that some major angels or "principalities were standing around the Towers helping people go to the other side."

Interestingly Browne said she has never been to see a psychic herself and is content not to know her own future. With her book about angels just out, Browne is already planning her next, which she revealed, will be about the great mysteries of the world. She said she'll be including her psychic impressions about creatures such as Bigfoot, which she believes to be a man-made tulpa (thought-form).

Sylvia Browne - Art Bell - George Noory - - Psychic Gifts - 1May2003.mp3

Sylvia Browne - Art Bell - George Noory - - Psychic Gifts - 1May2003.mp3

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