Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Starchild Skull By Lloyd Pye On Coast to Coast AM - 18 Sep 2009 -

In the first half of the show, researcher Lloyd Pye presented a short history and an update on the mysterious Starchild Skull. Pye said a young girl stumbled
upon the skull in a Mexican mine tunnel around 1930. She brought the weird artifact back to the United States as a souvenir, and kept it until her death in
the late 1990s, he continued. The skull then passed to its current owners, Ray and Melanie Young, who immediately realized that it did not belong to a human
child, Pye explained.

According to Pye, every piece of (physical and anatomical) evidence he has collected indicates that the 900-year-old relic is not from a human. He believes
the skull likely belonged to a human-alien hybrid, and hopes to prove his hypothesis with DNA analysis. Pye said recent advancements in DNA testing along
with falling costs (around $250,000) mean he may soon know for certain if the enigmatic skull has alien origins.

But now that a definitive conclusion seems within reach, "things are beginning to work against me," Pye admitted. A deal with the BBC to film a documentary
on the Starchild Skull as it undergoes DNA testing has fallen though. In addition, a favorable story set to run in The Daily Mail this past June was pulled,
he noted. Pye suggested listeners check out his new Starchild eBook for more info on the topic. He also chatted briefly about human origins, ancient
civilizations, and the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

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