Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spirit Attachments And the Federal Reserve By Charles Tramont On Coast To Coast

Appearing for the first two hours, former practitioner of conventional medicine, Dr. Charles Tramont discussed how he now treats patients by making use of hypnotherapy, spirit guides, and the releasing of attached entities. He described a number of case histories, including a woman suffering from writer's block. One of the earthbound spirits he found attached to her claimed to be that of Edgar Allan Poe, he detailed. He said he's also run across other well-known spirits attached to his patients including Edgar Cayce, Doc Holliday, and Nostradamus.
Interestingly, ET-type spirits can become attached to people, Tramont noted. The mechanism for this can involve a fleshy tubular device that goes through the spine to seal an energy transfer from their dimension, he posited. In one case, a man had four Reptilian attachments, with one body reportedly "in stasis" on a spaceship; in another instance a woman was used like a portal through which other alien beings entered, he shared.

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