Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Michael St. Clair (Astrologer) On Project Camelot Futuretalk

Michael St. Clair is a Swiss born astrologer and futurist and author of Light-Seeds, Future of Planet Earth.

Michael has a vast and highly accurate track record of economic and political predictions. As a young man he studied law and political sciences at Zurich University and also served as a Swiss army Intelligence Officer before beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world wide.

After twenty years of advisory activity and of esoteric and economic studies, he created in 1999 a stunning twin work of cosmology and metaphysics. St.Clair's 'Atlantis Oracle' & 'Icons Of Destiny', redefining mundane astrology and divination, revealing other forces delineating the future of mankind.

Michael admits that he has been aware of things since he was 5 years old and would see pictures and situations in his mind only to see them occur several days later in real life. He became aware of a force that was working with him that helped him to see more clearly amidst a family dynamic of intellectualism and logic.

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