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Credo Mutwa is a Zulu sanusi, or shaman, who has spent many hours talking with David Icke in recent weeks in South Africa. They have made two videos together, The Reptilian Agenda, parts one and two, which provide stunning confirmation of the themes in The Biggest Secret of a reptilian race from the stars who have controlled the world for thousands of years. These videos will be available very soon..watch this space. They are dynamite and will re-write large swathes of current UFO-extraterrestrial belief.

Credo is the official storyteller and keeper of the history of the Zulu people and he will reveal knowledge on these videos that, up to now, has only been available to the highest initiates of the African shaman traditions. He has pledged himself, despite a stream of attempts and threats to his life and his wife's life, to work with David Icke to expose what is really happening in the world and who is behind it.

This is a poem he wrote today committing himself to this end:

"When kings are slain, and a pope is sent to hell,
when on a marble slab..a murdered princess lies,
a pale sacrifice to the beasts that rule the stars,

When out of the sky a stricken warplane falls,
trailing behind it long bridal veils of flame,
as missiles rage and red hot cannon roar...

When the battle tank briefly rules the blood drenched plains,
an iron tyrant on another's stolen throne...
and it's long cannon shatters the trembling skies with sound,

When nameless soldiers die friendless and unknown,
in Africa's valleys or Kosovo's snow-bound plains,
and whole tribes perish of hunger, disease and war...

When money is built into a jail to hold humankind
and love has died and compassion is unknown...
and lies become truth... and truth becomes a lie in a nameless city

When, in streets who have no love,
numberless children know hunger and abuse...
In countless homes where brute force rules supreme,

women have become blood-spattered slaves,
strangers to love, healing and respect,
strangers to the gentle and comforting word...

Whose guilty shoulders must bear
the heavy beam of crucifixion, all the ill we see?
Whose quivering back must bear the barbed scourge?

For all the evil and all the pain we have known friends
my Earth this on Freemasons are there Weavers of lies, brewers of lies,
who can strike at people with weapons of the night

against which no armour and no shield can prevail.
The written word is their poison-coated sword,
the tinkeling coin their cull and crop of maize...

Murderers of nations, Africa's deadliest foes,
I curse your footsteps wherever you may go,
In whichever cave or dungheap you may hide,

I curse you all...may Heaven blast your eyes.
Tell Jabulon, the demon you call God,
Nomabhunu's son defies him to his face,

I swear by the stones on my mother's sacred grave,
that as from this moment, I will fight you to the end.
Against your kind, against your Masters too,

I will not cease to raise the Sword of Light.
For all you have done and all you have yet to do,
I will fight you to the ending of my days....."

Credo Mutwa

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